Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Bestest

You see the thing is that I only fuck with baddies. Like its hard to find someone who i feel is on my level and can get where im coming from and where im going with the vision hat i want my life to be. That's why this one is so significant to my life. It's my best fried so of course he's fucking rowdy. get it girl! My right hand bxtch, <3! Ily girly lmao.. xoxo

My Me I Love

It has become very clear to me that by being the self that I define, the being i am withing, and doing things according to own definitions i will get what i want. Going along with my own descriptions of the world living according to what will get me where i want to be. I am obligated to pay close attention to the views of the wold that fall in line with the Me that is a work in progress the Ronnell that is to be.. because if i don't i allow myself to be lost in the world created by others with out my interests at heart to get no where. I am proud no to be able to say as a newly enlightened individual i am the me that i love. My me who i am without apology and the love that i give my being to promote my growth. Because in the end "It takes a bad bitch to turn living a burnt life into feeding off your own fire." - Ronnell Evans