Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boys Are Broken Dreams

He could be
the cute tall guy I've been waiting for
with that smile and those abs that you can't ignore
from his style to he walk I am mesmerized
Cause this boy, this boy has caught my eye
He could be

So text me call be boy let's talk
let me learn if your words are as smooth as your walk
yes, you're cute and your fun and of course you're gay
but why don't you ever have anything important to say?
if you want to be mine then I must see
that you have more to say than "what's up" to me
Ugh!! over him...

But oh my god oh my god
this boy talks his conversation sends sensations that inspire my thoughts
the most brilliant gay boy that I ever did meet
and on top of it all he is oh so sweet
He could be

I love the way he understands
He's just the kind of guy I need to be my man
things starting going further and I couldn't wait
Well that's how I felt at least until our first date
he showed up and I was stuck
Stuck wondering how long it took
for this brilliant boy to put together that look
still we talked and we talked and that was great
I smile to him on the outside but I think to myself Like wait
how to fix this problem I have no clue
this wonderful boy is just not cute
Ugh! Over him, but let's be friends

He can't be
Now I for any guy am a catch to meet
this smile this swag and this walk just can't be beat
with good dialogue for days
I am fabulously Gay

But even I am not as perfect as I seem
for every one of these boys I broke their dreams
that poor pretty boy thought he had a chance
but you gotta do more than look cute and dance
He Can't be

And the genuine guy with the heart and the rains
did not have enough cute coins to play this game
He Can't be either

Who settles doe a puzzle missing a piece?
never would I do such a thing
WE can't be

I could be a sweet dream or a Beautiful nightmare

... Either way I don't want to wake up to you