Saturday, August 7, 2010

Not Best For Me

Closing the door in my future, no more will I stand in line to let some man define the terms by which I live. No thank you I'd hate to be the one to wait for mine until yours is done. I refuse to compromise my needs to survive so you can prioritise your own existence.


Friday, July 30, 2010

The other day I was on youtube checking my subscription updates.. and the "superficial" video came on. I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about it. Part of me was like is he being serious because those colors were obviously too light for him. But then I quickly ruled out that option and I started to question if he waas trying to get a point across.

The video reminded me an awful lot of another youtube that I subscribe to by the name of Gregory..

This brings up a struggle in me that I am used to dealing with. I like to experiment with femininity and cosmetics etc so that flawless look is something I rock at times. I feel like that interferes with my conscious minded side that is critical about prioritizing all of my values. So its a conflict that is very apparent to me, and it's something I constantly struggle with.. Even if that video was not a direct challenge to Greg but I definitely made me think about it and reflect.

Xoxo <3

Thursday, July 29, 2010


Holding so much Truth to My Life <3

Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Bady Daddie

Miss Desrae Duncan has been dubbed with the title in a way that is much more queer than one may think initially ;D. Seeing as how she aced as my studly counterpart for almost a year I am more that qualified to do this analysis of how she is quite the young stud muffin.

This term for Desirae holds meaning beyond the taditional father of my children meaning. Here it is more of a deeper much gayer explanation. She is so smooth, so charming, with such a way with the feminine that she can accurately be considered a "daddie" in the lesbian sense. & I can speak from personal experience in that she has done a flawless job at sweeping me off my feet a number of times lol. Yes, of course I am too much of a diva to fall hea dover heels for just anyone so you know this here is legit.

On a more serious note I really look up to her because she steps far enough outside her proscribed gender role for me to consider her my equal(in regard to taking risks) beyond just our sexual orientations. Some of our favorite times together for instance involved me in full face make-up/low rise slim fit denim and her in chuck taylors and a hoodie. The love of my life, who protects me, who supports all of my gayness, and is patient enough to explain sports to me.. My Baby Daddie (young smooth charming queer woman)Desirae is the business! Aha, just so you know. Love you Rae!!

Xoxo Your "Baby Boy" < 3

Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Escalator Next to the Staircase

The other day I was waiting underground for the train and I was really aware of my much so that I ended up identifying personally with the stairs that I glided past on my way down. It was a strange yet unreal connection for me to have made and it still sits with me now.
I noticed that the two have the same purpose (that is the stairs and the excalator) but the go about it in different ways. They're generally made of the same things but the slightest alteration seperates them so greatly.
I gathereed it as me being the escalator moving in a more progressive direction in a world dominated my staircases set in a more traditional norm of life. We as in all people are human and ultimately want the same things in life.. happiness, stability, love, comfort, etc. but the fact that we are not all exactly the same or that some of us cater more to the unexpected divides us.
Stairs and escalators are both meant to get people form one level to the next. through this all I must still maintain a clear head and a positive attitude. As opposed to geting hung up on the differences as the wrong minded folks do I rather preoccupy myself with the things that make us one.
Sure I myself serve as a variation of what can be bu that shouldn't be the defining factor of me. That isn't to say that diversity is not a beautiful thing to be embraced because it so is but it shouldn't be the foundation of our relationships with one another. I believe in a life of us as humans with an infinite capacity for our beings (gay straigt black white brown queer rich middle class etc.) as opposed to a bunch of stair cases with unmovable roles.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

It I Weren't a Boy

Aha! Xoxo Lauren <3


It's important for me to rid the taboo around homo sex and sexuality..

Saturday, July 3, 2010

Person VS Product

I need to make a conscious effort to give out my person and let my product speak for itself. The relentless self-promotion is going to take a backseat and I am going to focus harder on self progress. I am taking steps back to make major steps forward for my life for my health for my future. I think my best friend for being the best thing that could happen to me right now. I am reminded through him that I need to nurture myself and work towards being a complete person over working towards being part of an industry. This is yet another reminder that I need keep myself in check. There will be many more checks to come!

.. I <3 this more than I know.


Friday, July 2, 2010

David Bitton's Buffalo Denim Ad Campaign is on point!

These women better work for being soo ROWDY!


Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hire Me

Dear Brick and Mortar,

I would like to take this opportunity to express how strongly I feel about the potential of this relationship between you and I. Me as the blossoming employee and you the nurturing employer can create a life together that will allow both of us to thrive in such a way that will infect the pool of consumers with great customer service.

Having spent my entire life breathing fashion and using that fire within to create the unique aesthetic I live as today I feel that I can adequately say that I am meant to work in the market based fashion industry. I feel like we should be together for the embitterment of both out lives. I see us with a bright future togther and with your permission I would like to take what we have to the next level. Know that I am bettering myself as well. I didn’t stop after my diploma. Starting August 30th I will be studying fashion along with the rest of my general education to upgrade myself.

Just know that even if your do not accept my offer to work together as life partners just know that I will always be there for you and you have my number (818) 479 - 1x89. If you need anything. Don’t hesitate I will be waiting to answer your call no matter what!

 Talk To You Soon
Ronnell Evans

Monday, June 21, 2010


Estelle - I can be a Freak Choreography by: Dejan Tubic

Saturday, June 19, 2010

For The Sake of Being a Fashionoid Blogger

yes girl,work that up do!

gotta love a boy w/ a bag like that...haha

i must say i love this gown but is she serving RuPaul or is she serving RuPaul? Let them have it gaga!! notice you can't spell gaga without the "gag" eat it lmao love her <3

can't forget the boys.. everything above here is flawless by Dolce & Gabbana

The World Better Prepare..

On now, I am to the journey that exists far beyond what is standard for the masses. Here I go to seek my life to seek my sanity to see my best self as an ultimate artist in my respected genres.

I love the me I want to be and so I will persue that life long relationship in order to ensure that I never let myself down. This relationship between me and who I aspire to be is of the utmost importance to nurture. Just few moments in time before I rise and thrive among them..those others likely like me who do the similar things as I in my chosen career paths. I can't wait.

Oh my gaga I cannot wait to see what this town has in store for me as an adult. Newly on my own I am truly on my own so we shall see where things go from here. But I have a strong feeling that all will be well cause..

"Oh, every time I close my eyes I see my name in shinning lights. A different city every night.."

xoxo Ronnell

Sunday, May 9, 2010

The Bestest

You see the thing is that I only fuck with baddies. Like its hard to find someone who i feel is on my level and can get where im coming from and where im going with the vision hat i want my life to be. That's why this one is so significant to my life. It's my best fried so of course he's fucking rowdy. get it girl! My right hand bxtch, <3! Ily girly lmao.. xoxo

My Me I Love

It has become very clear to me that by being the self that I define, the being i am withing, and doing things according to own definitions i will get what i want. Going along with my own descriptions of the world living according to what will get me where i want to be. I am obligated to pay close attention to the views of the wold that fall in line with the Me that is a work in progress the Ronnell that is to be.. because if i don't i allow myself to be lost in the world created by others with out my interests at heart to get no where. I am proud no to be able to say as a newly enlightened individual i am the me that i love. My me who i am without apology and the love that i give my being to promote my growth. Because in the end "It takes a bad bitch to turn living a burnt life into feeding off your own fire." - Ronnell Evans

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Boys Are Broken Dreams

He could be
the cute tall guy I've been waiting for
with that smile and those abs that you can't ignore
from his style to he walk I am mesmerized
Cause this boy, this boy has caught my eye
He could be

So text me call be boy let's talk
let me learn if your words are as smooth as your walk
yes, you're cute and your fun and of course you're gay
but why don't you ever have anything important to say?
if you want to be mine then I must see
that you have more to say than "what's up" to me
Ugh!! over him...

But oh my god oh my god
this boy talks his conversation sends sensations that inspire my thoughts
the most brilliant gay boy that I ever did meet
and on top of it all he is oh so sweet
He could be

I love the way he understands
He's just the kind of guy I need to be my man
things starting going further and I couldn't wait
Well that's how I felt at least until our first date
he showed up and I was stuck
Stuck wondering how long it took
for this brilliant boy to put together that look
still we talked and we talked and that was great
I smile to him on the outside but I think to myself Like wait
how to fix this problem I have no clue
this wonderful boy is just not cute
Ugh! Over him, but let's be friends

He can't be
Now I for any guy am a catch to meet
this smile this swag and this walk just can't be beat
with good dialogue for days
I am fabulously Gay

But even I am not as perfect as I seem
for every one of these boys I broke their dreams
that poor pretty boy thought he had a chance
but you gotta do more than look cute and dance
He Can't be

And the genuine guy with the heart and the rains
did not have enough cute coins to play this game
He Can't be either

Who settles doe a puzzle missing a piece?
never would I do such a thing
WE can't be

I could be a sweet dream or a Beautiful nightmare

... Either way I don't want to wake up to you

Friday, January 8, 2010

Allow Me To Introduce My Beloved...

He's the most charming guy in the room who never fails to make me smile. The only person who knows exactly what I'm thinking without my saying a word. That boy who crosses my T's dots my I's. That person who priorities my comfort. He's that polite, well-dressed beauty of a man who embodies everything I want in my room & all that I need standing beside me as my partner. The handsome to my pretty; the calm to my anxiety; the one who love me.. Flaws and all. It is my pleasure to bring to you my love Mr.Absent Not-Here Non-existant.

Love, Look At Me Now

I am completely guilty of neglecting my blogspot & yet we meet again. So much has happened since december 14th.. So I can't wait to get back to business as usual ;]. ....So stay tuned babycakes <3