Friday, July 30, 2010

The other day I was on youtube checking my subscription updates.. and the "superficial" video came on. I wasn't sure exactly how I felt about it. Part of me was like is he being serious because those colors were obviously too light for him. But then I quickly ruled out that option and I started to question if he waas trying to get a point across.

The video reminded me an awful lot of another youtube that I subscribe to by the name of Gregory..

This brings up a struggle in me that I am used to dealing with. I like to experiment with femininity and cosmetics etc so that flawless look is something I rock at times. I feel like that interferes with my conscious minded side that is critical about prioritizing all of my values. So its a conflict that is very apparent to me, and it's something I constantly struggle with.. Even if that video was not a direct challenge to Greg but I definitely made me think about it and reflect.

Xoxo <3

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