Sunday, July 18, 2010

An Escalator Next to the Staircase

The other day I was waiting underground for the train and I was really aware of my much so that I ended up identifying personally with the stairs that I glided past on my way down. It was a strange yet unreal connection for me to have made and it still sits with me now.
I noticed that the two have the same purpose (that is the stairs and the excalator) but the go about it in different ways. They're generally made of the same things but the slightest alteration seperates them so greatly.
I gathereed it as me being the escalator moving in a more progressive direction in a world dominated my staircases set in a more traditional norm of life. We as in all people are human and ultimately want the same things in life.. happiness, stability, love, comfort, etc. but the fact that we are not all exactly the same or that some of us cater more to the unexpected divides us.
Stairs and escalators are both meant to get people form one level to the next. through this all I must still maintain a clear head and a positive attitude. As opposed to geting hung up on the differences as the wrong minded folks do I rather preoccupy myself with the things that make us one.
Sure I myself serve as a variation of what can be bu that shouldn't be the defining factor of me. That isn't to say that diversity is not a beautiful thing to be embraced because it so is but it shouldn't be the foundation of our relationships with one another. I believe in a life of us as humans with an infinite capacity for our beings (gay straigt black white brown queer rich middle class etc.) as opposed to a bunch of stair cases with unmovable roles.

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