Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Bady Daddie

Miss Desrae Duncan has been dubbed with the title in a way that is much more queer than one may think initially ;D. Seeing as how she aced as my studly counterpart for almost a year I am more that qualified to do this analysis of how she is quite the young stud muffin.

This term for Desirae holds meaning beyond the taditional father of my children meaning. Here it is more of a deeper much gayer explanation. She is so smooth, so charming, with such a way with the feminine that she can accurately be considered a "daddie" in the lesbian sense. & I can speak from personal experience in that she has done a flawless job at sweeping me off my feet a number of times lol. Yes, of course I am too much of a diva to fall hea dover heels for just anyone so you know this here is legit.

On a more serious note I really look up to her because she steps far enough outside her proscribed gender role for me to consider her my equal(in regard to taking risks) beyond just our sexual orientations. Some of our favorite times together for instance involved me in full face make-up/low rise slim fit denim and her in chuck taylors and a hoodie. The love of my life, who protects me, who supports all of my gayness, and is patient enough to explain sports to me.. My Baby Daddie (young smooth charming queer woman)Desirae is the business! Aha, just so you know. Love you Rae!!

Xoxo Your "Baby Boy" < 3

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