Sunday, May 9, 2010

My Me I Love

It has become very clear to me that by being the self that I define, the being i am withing, and doing things according to own definitions i will get what i want. Going along with my own descriptions of the world living according to what will get me where i want to be. I am obligated to pay close attention to the views of the wold that fall in line with the Me that is a work in progress the Ronnell that is to be.. because if i don't i allow myself to be lost in the world created by others with out my interests at heart to get no where. I am proud no to be able to say as a newly enlightened individual i am the me that i love. My me who i am without apology and the love that i give my being to promote my growth. Because in the end "It takes a bad bitch to turn living a burnt life into feeding off your own fire." - Ronnell Evans

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