Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Hire Me

Dear Brick and Mortar,

I would like to take this opportunity to express how strongly I feel about the potential of this relationship between you and I. Me as the blossoming employee and you the nurturing employer can create a life together that will allow both of us to thrive in such a way that will infect the pool of consumers with great customer service.

Having spent my entire life breathing fashion and using that fire within to create the unique aesthetic I live as today I feel that I can adequately say that I am meant to work in the market based fashion industry. I feel like we should be together for the embitterment of both out lives. I see us with a bright future togther and with your permission I would like to take what we have to the next level. Know that I am bettering myself as well. I didn’t stop after my diploma. Starting August 30th I will be studying fashion along with the rest of my general education to upgrade myself.

Just know that even if your do not accept my offer to work together as life partners just know that I will always be there for you and you have my number (818) 479 - 1x89. If you need anything. Don’t hesitate I will be waiting to answer your call no matter what!

 Talk To You Soon
Ronnell Evans

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