Saturday, June 19, 2010

The World Better Prepare..

On now, I am to the journey that exists far beyond what is standard for the masses. Here I go to seek my life to seek my sanity to see my best self as an ultimate artist in my respected genres.

I love the me I want to be and so I will persue that life long relationship in order to ensure that I never let myself down. This relationship between me and who I aspire to be is of the utmost importance to nurture. Just few moments in time before I rise and thrive among them..those others likely like me who do the similar things as I in my chosen career paths. I can't wait.

Oh my gaga I cannot wait to see what this town has in store for me as an adult. Newly on my own I am truly on my own so we shall see where things go from here. But I have a strong feeling that all will be well cause..

"Oh, every time I close my eyes I see my name in shinning lights. A different city every night.."

xoxo Ronnell

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