Monday, September 7, 2009

Calm the Fuck Down

Those experiences that remind me that the ideals I hold close to my heart are far from my reality are often humbling ones. Every now and again I am given that reality check that helps me to focus & forces me to reevaluate my routines. The things I work towards must remain exactly that. Things that I must WORK towards those ideals I wish to make a part of my world.

A lot of time that means for me to do things I don't like to get into what I want, or pausing some passions in order to allow others to thrive. It is definitely hard to do but it is more than worth it. But through it all it all I must stay true to myself in fighting my way to my dreams so I can breathe or else I will die.

It's great for me to break boundaries but there are places that must remain unbroken to ensure my survival. Like the home.. where the heart should be. So since I'm still making my way I unfortunately have to finish it up along the past of other who still controll most of my life.

I'm obviously so over who they want me to be but it looks like they want a little more bad acting on my part. Hahaha, in siturations like this I give the people what they want.

Bunches of Love

Ronnell <3

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