Monday, December 14, 2009

Beauty in Himself

It's not uncommon for people like myself who put more than enough work into their outward appearance to expect some sort of recognition or gratification for such efforts. In fact it kind of comes as part of the package. I believe we pay the price for pretty but I have recently been opened up to new insight that should give me a great "discount".

I have always been one to say that if we base our self-worth on what other people think of us or how they respond to things we do then we must be far too insecure. I'd once been advise that I should only care about the opinions of me from those I hold closest. But now I've taken that idea even a step further.

There is no one closer to me than myself. & I alone know my self worth. So, with that being said, I need to put an end to trying to "shit on the world", or be "best dressed" etc.. because I should have then internal satisfaction of my own beauty. As I've said once before being a diva means to establish your ego based on something substantial. I hold up my character, my mind, my style, and parent-ally given gifts [my pretty] as far more than enough evidence to prove just how wonderful I am independent of your opinion or anyone else's. How that reads to other people is a whole nother issue but that is not the topic at hand.

So I must learn to live as a beauty in and for myself concerned with no one else.

xoxo Ronnie Rayvel <3

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