Sunday, August 9, 2009

View. Gag. Vote.

Vogue Evolution

Oh dear, it's not everyday that I bounce in front of my television snapping my fingers and shouting out cheers of encouragement. Today was special. On America's best dance crew the Vogue Evolution group hit close to home for me & now have my full support. Although their image and their energy is larger than life and there fore much larger than mine I dtill feel honored to finally be represented in the mainstream. I mean c'mon two of my favorites gay people and dancers what a wonderful combination.

The entertainment value is undeniable. & the talent is totally there. The vogue style has come from an unseen, unheard of style to being featured on national Music television.
The creativity, plus the comfort-ability in their own skin, in addition to the empowerment is allinspiring.

To be honest the whole show is pretty amazing there is so much talent but I must admit that I am somewhat biased here. It will definitely be interesting for me to see how America responds and just how far they will make it. Again, their achievements thus far alone are monumental. I am happy for them, I am driven to learn to vogue, I am so proud, and I'm excited for what's next to come.

Bunches of Love<3
Ronnell ;~]

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