Saturday, October 3, 2009

Center of Force

When I explain the extent to which the luxury of my style, my image, my swagger causes heads to stop stare double take and jerk in my direction it may come across as an aspect of my ego but if you come take a walk with me one day you'll see it is nothing more than a detail of my reality. Being the beauty that I am I put energy in to the preservation, the presentation of my look as well as the constant re evaluation of my fashion choices. It pays of in the best of ways. I feel great about the visuals of my existence which trickles inward through the rest of me and those who feel my fashion rubs them the right way give me recognition for my efforts/accomplishments.

The combination of my bold nature, my in your face fashion, and the new found lack of censorship when it comes to my sexuality ends in a rather wonderful mixture if I may say so myself. Not only because I'm an egotistical ass but because I borrow beautiful, handsome, strong, delicate, expensive, vintage, clearance, and trendy to develop my current style and it is a bit far from the norm. But here is where it gets tricky. This is the part where we you [my viewers] and me [the fashionista til the death] loose all power of choice in this matter.

I by necessity must look glamorous in public settings or else I feel incomplete. As many people do I need to look my best like always. But it is essential to my being. Being that currently the look I go for is daring, is different is in your face it is something to be seen. Like ti or not you will see it & apparently it takes a while to digest. I can't look "normal" at least not now [maybe that'll be my next look --doubt it thought--]. Outsiders friends or strangers have to give that little extra eye to quench the thirst that is there curiosity towards the ins and outs of my apparel.

At first it's weird but then it's definitely something to get used to. As long as I wear it well and you look politely, than all is right in the world.

xoxo Ronnie Rayvel <3

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