Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Own It!

It's not always what you have on that can help take you to the next level it's how you wear it. Do not hide behind your cosmetics or your wardrobe because relying on them minimizes your energy, lowers the self-esteem, and makes you a slave to your won personal enhancements. Instead make them slave to you! Rock your shit with an undeniable confidence & surely enough you will be just fine. You can have the best make up and the most stylish outfit but if you don't own it then its all a waste. Modesty is a good trait to have but no when it breeds denial. You don't have to be arrogant to realize that you are the shit. Don't remind people how great you are because if it's there the notice it when you're around. Just don't e too surprised wen you feel confident you look god and you get compliments because it's bound to happen. So, till next time lovelies... work it out, serve it up & own that shit or else.

xoxo Ronnie Rayvel <3

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