Thursday, October 29, 2009

He Got a BIG Ego

"All cockiness aside.. I feel like if I walked into Border's books and saw a young girl sitting on the floor of the social science section in True Religion shorts and a Juicy Couture cardigan next to a Betsey Johnson bag, holding an..eight-hundred page book titled, "Friedrich Nietzsche," I'd have some questions. Why is it that intellect is almost abolutely assumed to be void if an individual appears young and/or attractive? Help me out with the inner-workings of societal assumptions, yeah?"-- Precious Arianna (

This beings me back to an idea I had a while back about women/ fab men & their ego... It's perfectly fine to be a diva as long as you back your shit up! As long as your excess self assurance is rooted in something substantial beyond the surface level of superficiality then it is legit. Balance your beauty your ora with something meaningful and feel free to get as diva as you like. And remember a true diva is someone who is or is working towards being self sufficient, so in the words of Nicki Minaj, stepp our cookies up!

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