Monday, June 22, 2009

That Is So Inappropriate

When we speak it is important to use the words that deliver the correct meaning. By correct I mean like as according to the dictionary. The occasional slang is fine until it becomes a form of bigotry. It saddens me that this topic is one that I have to even address but unfortunately moments ago it was just thrown in my face. As of now I'm trying to make a very direct statement in order to not stop loving a certain person because i owe it to myself to try & help their growth as opposed to shut them out & wash my hands with it.

Okay enough with the abstract.. Please don't ever call anything "gay" unless it is actually capable of being homosexual.

The English language is not to be used to promote hatred. Say what you mean.

Remember Bell Hook's Definition of Love <3

"The moment we choose to love, we begin to move against domination, against oppression. The moment we choose to love, we begin to move toward freedom, to act in ways that liberate ourselves and others."

Ronnell :~|

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